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With millions of products available on Amazon, many shoppers rely on reviews to make their shopping decisions. This means that good reviews have monetary value for companies, and they are willing to compensate reviewers in a few different ways. What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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the ability to record and review the client's assets such as receivables, cds and money market funds, stocks and bonds, iras, 401(k) plans, deferred compensation plans, stock option plans, annuities, life insurance, closely-held businesses, real estate, personal property, and more.  
add liabilities to your review process such as payables, various types of loans and mortgages, credit cards, taxes payable, and others.
enter additional information under the notes to the financial statement.
provide income, expenses, personal information, and much more.
define a report title, using one of several common titles provided with the program or by specifying your own custom title.
add a customized footer to your report, using one of the standard footers provided, or by creating your own.
select which report sections you want to include in your printout each time you print.
give your clients an edge so they can better understand their financial condition - net worth, assets, and liabilities. calculate their net income, i.e., income minus expenses. knowing a client's present financial condition helps you in planning to achieve their financial goals. do it quickly and easily with net worth express home or pro edition!
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